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Two years of talks achieved a breakthrough after Spain agreed to make key concessions on issues that have dogged the colony's relationship with its powerful neighbour.Spain, Britain and Gibraltar's government reached a deal on the colony's airport and on speeding up border controls.The issue of Gibraltar has overshadowed relations between Spain and the UK and have become a major sticking point in European negotiations.Ministers have talked about reviewing Gibraltar's sovereignty, but effectively killed the issue by calling a referendum in 2002 that saw 99 per cent of the colony's residents vote against breaking the link with Britain.Talks also dealt with Spanish requests for Britain to pay pensions to workers expelled from the colony when Spain's former dictator General Francisco Franco closed the border in 1969.Thank you for purchasing an Epson product, and for taking the time to register it.They are, although you would not immediately know it, the advanced concrete guard of a tollbooth and gate which will enforce a €€5 levy on every vehicle using the only access road to Gibraltar.It is the project not of a Madrid government eager to resurrect the ages-old squabbles with London, but of a Spanish border town and its renegade mayor.

Chief Minister Peter Caruana made a stirring speech to the 5,000 Gibraltarians who packed the central square, many dressed in red and white national colours.

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The Sun published a polemical front page on Tuesday launching a “Gibraltar Campaign” with the headline “Up yours Senors: Our message to meddling leaders of Spain and the EU." But it wasn't just the spelling that was wrong.

(Watch the quick getaway in the video below.) Royal Caribbean spokeswoman Cynthia Martinez said that the 12 injured passengers have received treatment onboard for minor burns, abrasions and a dislocated finger.

Two passengers were still ashore when the incident took place and were not injured during the explosion.

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Others noted that the headline writers had failed in the spelling department.