Dating of exodus

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This lets them use the 1270 BC date.) Thutmose III’s 60 year reign makes him an ideal candidate as the pharaoh of the oppression, and his son Amenhotep II as the pharaoh of the Exodus. In , Jephthah states that the Israelites had possession of the land for some 300 years.With a 1270BC Exodus, he would had to have made that statement during Solomon’s reign.While the Bible, plainly read, argues for an early-date Exodus c 1446BC, some scholars claim that there is a lack of archaeological evidence to support this, and prefer to put the Exodus at a later date of c 1270BC.Regardless of the date of the Exodus, several events are not in dispute: a) The date of construction of Solomon’s temple in 966BC.Various formulas for this are suggested[1] However early date supporters would say that the text includes nothing about totals of other periods, just 480 years.The next point of contention is that of the beginning of the sojourn. Anderson's[3] view that it is improbable that a Hyksos King would have given the daughter of the priest of On to Joseph as his wife (Gen.Exodus is not only the name of a book in the Old Testament but a momentous event for the Hebrew people -- their departure from Egypt.Unfortunately, there is no easy answer as to when it occurred. Although there can be a chronology within the framework of a fictional story or myth, dating the events is generally impossible.

Most late date supporters suggest that 480 is arrived at by totalling different values for several periods which actually overlapped.Others say all the proof that is needed is in the Bible.While there will always be skeptics, most assume there was some basis in historical/archaeological fact.All we know from the narrative is that the period must be at least greater than 80 years of Moses life plagues period. Aardsma's book A New Approach to the Chronology of Biblical History from Abraham to Samuel. Both of the conventional dates for the Exodus, (ca. Then in the Canaanite country he overthrew seven nations, whose lands he gave them to be their heritage for some four hundred and fifty years, and afterwards appointed judges for them until the time of the prophet Samuel.

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The late date argument allows the descent into Egypt to occur when the Hyksos ruled. Anderson[2] says that it is certain that it must be after or during the Hyksos period as a reference to a chariot in Gen. The Early date would give a date 1876 for the Sojourn under Pharaoh Senusert III who has no special reasons for supporting the Hebrews. ) as the Hyksos despised the sun-God Ra whose temple was at On.[4] Whatever the case the Hyksos period would have been a favourable time for the Hebrew entry.

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