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Dating students japan

But campaigners argue the lack of official figures is itself a sign of complacency by Japanese authorities.

In the capital Tokyo, infantilised sexual culture has become accepted, and Japanese rights groups are campaigning to end the practice.

During the junior high school years, students generally demonstrate an interest in the opposite sex, but have little unsupervised time to meet with potential boy or girl friends.In October, Maud de Boer-Buquicchio, the UN's special rapporteur on child prostitution and pornography, angered Japan's government by saying that up to 13 percent of schoolgirls had taken part in Enjo Kosai, or compensated dating.She said later that the figure was not official, and would not be in her final report.At the junior high school level students meet in groups to chat after school, or go to each other's house for studying.The public libraries in Japanese cities are an excellent place to observe this type of interaction.

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In a similar venue are international hiking clubs that are now a popular form of meeting people, as most day hikes in the countryside are arranged with an equal number of men and women in mind.

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