History on stradiuarius violins dating in the 1800s

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There was an enigmatic bow maker and violin dealer on West 54th Street in NYC, who I’d met through a friend.

He would kindly let me play violins from his collection, some of which were quite old and beautiful.

Its collections constitute the world's most comprehensive record of human creativity and knowledge.

Discovering “The Red Violin” of Stradivariuses is pretty much impossible. How do so many people discover Stradivariuses in the attic if they are all accounted for?

Hundreds of thousands of violins have been made which copy the Stradivarius design and bear labels that read "Stradivarius." This practice once was a kind tribute to Stradivari and his remarkable craftsmanship as well as a way of specifying the model around which an instrument was designed.

Generally, the secret to a violin’s sound is a result of the unique combination of its materials, its construction method (including the tools used) and varnish, brought together by the hands of gifted craftsmen.

I imagine it’s a lot like choosing most other instruments for other kinds of musicians, because it serves as the conduit between your innermost self and the world. I’ve wondered if there could be an interesting psychological study on what the sound of a professional violinist’s instrument says about their personality.

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He is renowned for his superb violins and his “violin formula” has become the ideal design model for violin makers for more than 250 years.

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