Steam achivements not updating

Posted by / 24-Aug-2017 18:47

Unfortunately, that means they will not appear later when everything returns back to normal.

This is what I would assume first would be the culprit.

Occasionally there may be issues with attaining certain achievements - in these cases, you will need to wait for a patch addressing this problem in order to attain them.

Very rarely certain achievements will be reset or adjusted, typically following a patch that is intended to fix issues with that achievement.

Various individual player statistics will be tracked by Steam while you play games, such as the amount of time you have spent playing.

Stats are also collected for individual games like Team Fortress 2, Portal and Half-Life 2: Episode Two.

I've associated my achievement in steam with a stat (0-100).

If I attempt to update the achievement progress by calling Write Achievements with a value of 10, it's instantly unlocked and it's progress is 100.

Yea, I keep refreshing my Steam achievements, but on The Samaritan Paradox, this one achievement, "Resisting the Rapture", which it says NO ONE on Raptr has "yet earned", well I sure did. Steam hours appear to be accurate and once the Achievement crawling is working as intended, it would then pick up the achievements from Steam. Have got about dozen achi's and none updated to Raptr :/ Some in Steam and some in Playstation 3.

Is it possible that you could've lost connection to Steam at the time you acquired the Terror Gauntlet (I don't have the game so I don't know what triggers this)?

If so, it may have missed that "trigger" and it would not have registered with Steam.

So I think it's more about playfire not updating then it is Fuse.

My last game I played but haven't had any achievements is the Happy Wars beta.- Achievements page - Dust: An Elysian Tail last played 9/2/2012 -12 achievements unlocked - ASURA'S WRATH last played 8/8/2012 - raptr says I have unlocked 24(correct), playfire is 21 and fuse says 12I last played Saints Row 2 on July 17th and that seems to be in sync with everythingleft 4 dead (xbox 360)- i picked up at least 10 achievementsmass effect (xbox 360)- i have at least 24 achievementsps3 trophy count is off.

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According to the Steam docs, I shouldn't even have to write an achievement, only the stat: My first thought is that you have registered the stat in Steam with a value of 0-100.