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There are two additional Data Validation tabs that you can use if you like.The first one is Input Message, this tab will allow you to assign a small pop-up message that appears whenever someone selects a cell with this data validation assigned to it.The Data Validation dialog box opens with the Settings tab selected.

In Xlsx Writer we could do that as follows: If the user inputs a value that doesn’t match the specified criteria an error message is displayed: For more information on data validation see the Microsoft support article “Description and examples of data validation in Excel”: The second is the Error Alert, this will let you set up a message when someone attempts to input information in the cell that does not match what you put in the Source.Now all of the cells you initially chose will have a dropdown menu function with a list you can choose from for the cell.To specify an alert message, click the Error Alert tab of the Data Validation dialog box, where you can select the kind of warning from the Style drop-down list: Stop (the default, which uses a red button with a cross in it), Warning (which uses a yellow triangle with an exclamation point in it), or Information (which uses a balloon with a blue I in it).After selecting the type of alert, you then enter the title for its dialog box in its Title text box and enter the text of the alert message in the Error Message list box.

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