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As one of the network's top breaking news anchors, Hemmer has provided extensive live coverage of several major stories throughout his 10 years at FNC.

And then Judd took us to Babbo, the restaurant, and he made us have a date together." Hader said. I really wanted to make sure you believed Amy and Bill as a couple, and I wanted to make sure they had some sort of dynamic between them because there are hilarious people, and people you love who make awful couples, we see it all the time in movies.Repeatedly think kind and compassionate thoughts and your brain becomes better at creating kindness and compassion.Think anxious, fearful, or angry thoughts, though, and your brain will become better at being anxious, fearful, and angry."The last date I went on," he says, "texting wasn't a thing." Furthermore: In the sixth grade in Tulsa, Oklahoma, he took a girl to see the decidedly unromantic Coen brothers film I didn't like it. I went out with my friends, and I ended up talking to this girl and she was like, "I'm moving to San Francisco tomorrow." Her attitude was kind of like, I want to get laid before I leave. A crazy night for us is drinking margaritas and going to the Strand bookstore and being kind of drunk. I remember thinking, I probably gotta marry this girl.

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Bill and Brad Paisley filmed a short video in Bill’s dressing room at the Grand Ole Opry Friday night (14th).