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Woody harrelson dating

No word on what made the twosome finally decide to make things legal.

The couple, who reside in Maui, often blog about their life on Voice Yourself.com, a site they co-founded which encourages organic living.

Thankfully 29-year-old Canadian beauty Sara Canning was on hand to add some much needed glamour, turning heads in a flattering black dress.

And The movie's 13-year-old star Amiah Miller played dress up by turning up in a stunning gown.

The third, and hopefully final, installment in the current Planet of The Apes franchise, sees Serkis' Caesar and his apes forced into a deadly conflict with an army of humans led by the ruthless Colonel, who is played by Woody.

Pal Alanis Morissette sang a song at the ceremony, Us Weekly reports.

"I've never had a harder time leaving home, where it just felt like ripping my heart out. "It's not like I feel a compulsion to work," he goes on, "because, honestly, I feel a compulsion to be the laziest bastard you ever met, and yet I can't..." He doesn't finish the sentence.

He just lets the words, delivered in his slow Texas drawl, hang there and returns to sucking up red stuff through his straw, looking none too upset anyway, even deeply OK, which, it seems, is kind of a habitual state with him.

Louie and Harrelson have three daughters - Deni, 15, Zoe, 12, and Makani, 2, who they referred to as their "goddess trilogy" after the birth of Makani.

Harrelson, 47, has called Louie "the wife" on several occasions in the past.

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The cap-wearing actor posed for pictures with fans and door staff alike as he left the Frederick Street venue. ”Harrelson, 55, from Texas, will star in the forthcoming Star Wars spin-off movie.